The Scout Troop will often spend their evenings outdoors, all year round. Our most usual haunt is Cleeve Hill featuring the highest point of the Cotswold escarpment. Being a thousand feet up it is much more exposed than urban Cheltenham. Regardless of where we’re Going On A Trip, Scouts should “Be Prepared”, by bringing a GOAT bag.

There is no definitive list for a goat bag’s contents, but a little forethought and common sense will flag up a few obvious ideas.

It might be colder up the hills, some activities like archery, might involve a bit of waiting around doing nothing, bring a coat or fleece. It might rain, bring a water proof. Hats and gloves may also be wanted. Running round on wide games and the like, Scouts may get thirsty, bring a drink, plain water is best. (recycle pop or mineral water bottles, ultra light and inexexpensive) If Scouts’re sensitive to sun, bring sunscreen….

Optional extras, torches in the winter, or even a first aid kit. The leaders will always have multiples of torches and first aid kits with them. There is no reason Scouts should not be self reliant wherever possible, providing torches are used sensibly, and not used to blind people. Some activities will require other bits and pieces. We’ll endevour to let you know.

Walking and running around with all these things is a bit of a chore, bring a daybag/rucksack to put them in. Anything will do.

What NOT to bring? Electronics! Running and gamboling round on a hillside is a shortcut to phones, ipods and the like getting sodden, lost or smashed. We cannot be responsible for your gadgets. I will admit, that on a few occasions, Scouts with their own mobiles have been quite useful. Some scouts allege that their parents insist on them carrying their phone. Ultimately this is your decision, and ultimately,  we cannot be responsible for your gadgets.